"Corrie James's lofty British accent perfectly embodies the characters who populate this historical romance. Handsome but distant Felix Rivendale, a marquess dubbed "The Ideal Gentleman,"can't help pursuing the feisty but impoverished--and, thus,unacceptable--Louisa Cantwell. Louisa must marry to help support her family and can't imagine why the most sought after bachelor in London is interested in making sure she isn't interested in anyone else. James performs each of the principals well, demonstrating a wide vocal range and admirable acting skills. The story is clever and tender in places, humorous and somber in others."

The Luckiest Lady In London - Audiofile Magazine

 "James clearly portrays Woolf's intellectual passion, existential ennui, and emotional turmoil in Vincent's grim portrait of a brilliant, deeply troubled writer.

Adeline-Audiofile Magazine

"...Corrie James is gifted with a rich voice perfectly suited for portrayals of British aristocracy. She's equally adept at the raspy voice of Tristan's dying father, his mean-spirited half-brother, and various Cockney-accented members of the lower class."

How The Scoundrel Seduces - Audiofile Magazine


"...James has a cultured, almost delicate, voice and precise diction. She retains the listener's sympathy while conveying Langley's passion for the Plantagenet king, giving us a person who was intuitive, sensitive, energetic, and mystical, rather than slightly dotty, as his reputation often suggests. James reads the alternating historical chapters and scientific information with intelligence and clarity. In these she reveals less emotion than she does in Langley's effusions without being dry."

The King's Grave - Audiofile Magazine


"...Corrie James is a very talented audio performer indeed; her voice is soothing with a pleasant musicality about it, and her narration was clear and well-paced. Every character was clearly voiced and can be easily differentiated by the listener, from the gravelly-voiced ex-chief of the Sûreté, Eugène Vidoc, to the slightly affected drawl of Dom’s ex-actor butler and general factotum, Scrimshaw."

What The Duke Desires - Caz of


“... what a nice balance. The style, delivery and empathy are just right. One of the highest compliments for a narrator is to have someone say they heard only the story not the narrator. This is one of those times.”

Search of Mary Katherine Mulloy — LOC review


"...Corrie James reads this tale of remembrance and abandonment with an odd mix of cynicism and wonder, an appropriate blend to set the tone as the main character Winnie looks back on her difficult life. ... James alters her voice subtly, giving the young Winnie an optimistic wistfulness while making the older Winnie sound as wizened and bitter as she has become ...”

Remember Me  — Audiofile review


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